Travelcard tickets for visits to London win reprieve

Day Travelcard tickets will continue to be available for rail journeys to London after train operators and Transport for London (TfL) reached a new revenue-sharing agreement.

The deal earlier this week ends speculation about the future of the tickets, which allow passengers to use all bus, London Underground and other train services in London when they get there.

Transport for London said in June that it planned to end the sale of one-day Travelcards within London, as part of moves to meet Government cost-saving targets, also putting the add-on fares for people visiting the capital by train at risk.

Passenger groups had campaigned against the proposal to withdraw one-day Travelcards, saying it would discourage people from visiting the city, affecting both the recovery of rail traffic since the Covid pandemic and businesses in London that depend on visitors and tourists.

The Mayor London, Sadiq Khan, said TfL would get a “fairer share of ticket revenue” thanks to the deal.

Last year, 12 million one-day Travelcards were sold, down from 27 million in 2018. Much of the change is attributed to increased use of contactless payments for travel on public transport in London.

From March 24 next year, there will be 3% one-off increase on Travelcard fares, on top of any annual rail fare increase.

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