The 39th AGM

Notice is hereby given that the 39th Annual General Meeting of the Cotswold Line Promotion Group will be held in the W.I.Hall, New Road, Moreton-in-Marsh, Glos. on Saturday 13th May 2017 at 10.30 am


1 Presidents opening comments

2 Apologies for absences

3 Minutes of the 38th Annual General Meeting held on May 14th 2016

4 Matters arising from the minutes

5 Group Chairman’s report for 2016/2017

6 Treasurer’s report for 2016/2017

7 Subscription rates for 2017/2018

8 Election of Officers (Chair,J11an, Secretary, Treasurer)

9 Election of committee members

10 Appointment of Auditor

11 Future Activities

12 Guest Speakers

13 Questions and any other business

There will be guest speakers representing the rail industry and speakers from other organisations to share in the discussions and to comment on questions and issues raised by members. Please come to the AGM if you are able to. We value the support and the feedback we get from hearing your views. We know that the train operating companies á 1isten to us because we are representing passengers.· New nominations for officer and committee members are always welcome. However. in accordance with the new constitution nominations should be in by now but this is a reminder for future years. The committee does have power to co-op members to the committee so if you feel that you have something in particular to contribute, please make this known to the committee. If you come please bring this agenda with you.

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